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Rank Math SEO 플러그인 1.0.70 업데이트 내용

1.0.70 [Aug 13, 2021]

Added: Option to Select/Deselect all the Capabilities for each role in the Role Manager
Added: Filter to enable Google Analytics tracking for certain user roles even if Exclude Logged-In Users option is ON
Improved: Hide ‘Help & Support’ menu item if Admin Menu is disabled from the Rank Math’s Role Manager
Improved: Set autoload to false for the option which stores the plugin’s setting Backups
Improved: The author URL is now used in the @id property only when the Author archive is enabled
Fixed: 404 Monitor page was not showing View Redirection button even if redirection was present for that 404 page
Fixed: On large sites, the Focus keyword test was failing on the SEO Analysis page
Fixed: Exclude Logged in Users option in the Analytics settings was not working
Fixed: Length indicator was showing green color when the text entered was longer than the recommended length
Fixed: Yoast block converter tool was showing in the Database Tools even when the site didn’t have any Yoast blocks
Fixed: Wrong Deactivate Conflicting plugin notice was showing on some setups
Fixed: Link attribute options like Open link in a new tab were not working in the REST calls
Fixed: Breadcrumb Title field was not showing on taxonomy pages
Fixed: The %%currentyear%% variable imported from the SEOPress plugin was showing the wrong value
Fixed: Schema data was not updating in the Divi Backend editor on sites where the PRO version was active
Fixed: Author URL was missing on the posts which were using default Article schema

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